Volvik SOFT

Soft Feel Matte Coating & VU-X Urethane Cover


High Performance

Perfect Combination of Sitance 7 Fell in a High Performance Urethane Ball

Matte finish

World’s first matte finish, soft, tour quality ball for every swing speed

Enhanced trajectory

Maximised distance and gradual decent

Head Speed



Ultra Soft

Shot Shape

Straight, Fade, Draw


Mid High

Driver Spin


Wedge Spin


Volvik Soft

For golfers seeking the extremely soft feel & easy control

  • Excellent Durability and Increased Spin Control with the New VU-X Urethane Cover and SF Matte Coating
  • Enhanced Soft Feel off the Club Face Provided by Volvik Soft Core Technology
  • Explosive Distance with Optimal Piercing Trajectory & Longer Roll Out off the Tee
  • The Perfect Combination of Distance & Feel for a Player Seeking the Ultimate in a High Performance Urethane Ball

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Volvik Vivid

For Beginners And Mid-Level Golfers

The World’s First Ever Matte Finish Golf Ball


Volvik S3

Soft feel & increased accuracy

Tight dispersion due to low amount of driver spin


Volvik Crystal

New larger core for more distance

World class Durability, Visibility, and Performance.